Napisz do nas! Strona w języku polskim



        Skiing was really important since my (me=Magda) early childhood. There was not a lot to do in our Ustron City Centre so I did skiing in winter and mountain-biking in summer. I had really good opportunities there, could even go skiing after school (or instead;). The first visite in Dolomites with my family compeletly changed my mind. Our skiing in Ustron became so boring after Italy, that I was only waiting for the next year and visit in Austria.
       During studies the whole fascination with climbing began and there were no time (and mostly no money) to go skiing. Fortunately, thanks to Ania and Jacek I decided to buy my firt ski-touring skis. They were pretty long, pretty old but really cheap! The firts descents were did in leather shoes (I really DON'T recommend that) and it was more snowbathing that skiing. But after some time I bought real ski-touring shoes and much better skis. And then the pleasure of ski-touring began! There was only one problem, when I wanted to go in High Tatra: should I climb or schould I ski? Mostly did the first thing..
       And then I moved to Austria. There are so many mountains here! So beautiful descents, wchich are waiting for ski-tourer to leave their tracks. I convinced Adam to try that "crazy sport". And although he said a few very bad words about "Ski-alpinismus", he liked that a bit and when the weather is good we are visiting the nearby regions, mainly: Hochschwab, Gesause, Schladminger Tauern, Seckauer Tauern and Rottenamuer Tauern. Of course, when it is possible we go in High Tatra, which are the best, because, they are ours:) Some photos from previous year can you see in our gallery.

Zolta Turnia Bösenstein Krzyzne

      Magdalena Drózd & Adam Ryś 2007